Tracy Chapman

A Tribute to Tracy Chapman

Tracks: 10, total time: 35:27, year: , genre: AlternRock

ID3G: 40

1.3:25Fotheringay - Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution
2.4:57Jiggy - Fast Car
3.1:55Vee - Behind the Wall
4.3:08e-clypse - Baby Can I Hold You
5.5:31Clock - Mountains o' Things - Clock
6.3:41Young Dudes - She's Got Her Ticket
7.2:46Act of Treason - Why
8.3:13David Hay - For My Lover
9.3:19Uninterest Rate - If Not Now
10.3:34The Matinees - For You

Discid: rock / 62084d0a

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