Punk 101

Tracks: 23, total time: 57:12, year: 2003, genre: Punk

1.4:39Dead Kennedys / Holiday In Cambodia
2.3:30D. I. / Richard Hung himself
3.4:21Exploited / Rade Against Time
4.2:11Shame 69 / Loud Mouth
5.2:39Anti-Flag / Police State In The USA
6.1:47Chaos UK / Morning After
7.2:43One Way System / Jerusalem
8.1:46Agent Orange / Everything Turns Grey
9.2:55Blitz / Warriors
10.2:56DR.Know / Watch It Burn
11.1:37Germs / Forming
12.2:52Total Chaos / Running With Your Mouth
13.1:02UK Subs / Chemical War
14.2:27Agression / Salty Leather
15.2:15Decry / Resurrection
16.2:02The Damned / Love Song (Demo)
17.1:12Sid Vicious / My Way (Live)
18.1:52Vibrators / 24 Hour People
19.2:40Damnation / Spell On Me
20.2:19Side Kick / So Far Away
21.1:50The Underhills / It's Systematic
22.3:15Blockage / Wild Americans
23.2:30Friday Knights / Exit

Discid: rock / 5f0d6617

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