Various Artists

"Will You Love Me Tomorrow" + "He's a Rebel":The Girl Groups of the 50s & 60s [One Day Music]

Tracks: 25, total time: 62:45, year: 2016, genre: Rock

1.2:53The Supremes / I Want a Guy
2.2:25The Crystals / Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby
3.2:23The Marvelettes / All the Love I Got
4.2:08The Shirelles / Boys
5.2:01The Delicates / Black and White Thunderbird
6.2:38The Ronettes / My Guiding Angel
7.2:29The Angels / 'Til
8.2:29The Bobbettes / Untrue Love
9.2:35The Chantels / I Can't Take It (There's Our Song Again)
10.2:34The Cookies / Down By the River
11.1:59The Dreamers / Since You've Been Gone
12.2:49The Quintones / Down the Aisle of Love
13.2:34The Supremes / You Bring Back Memories
14.2:29The Marvelettes / Twistin' Postman
15.2:02The Shirelles / Dedicated to the One I Love
16.2:50The Ronettes / What's So Sweet About Sweet Sixteen
17.2:30The Poni-Tails / Before We Say Goodnight
18.2:47The Chordettes / Born to Be with You
19.2:25The Clickettes / Where is He?
20.2:35The Bobbettes / I Shot Mr. Lee
21.2:38The Crystals / What a Nice Way to Turn Seventeen
22.3:13The Teen Queens / Eddie My Love
23.2:24The Charmaines / What Kind of Girl
24.2:33The Tonnettes / No Tears
25.2:29The Rosebuds / Kiss Me Goodnight

Discid: rock / 5a0eb319

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