Complete Rare Demo And Studio Live Disc 1

Tracks: 23, total time: 71:17, year: , genre: Classic Rock

1.1:21    Ogre Battle (Intro Demo)
2.9:03    Sound Check (Ogre Battle - Father to Son - Son And Daughter
3.1:58    Misfire (Demo)
4.3:09    Killer Queen (Demo)
5.2:50    Tenement Funster (Demo)
6.4:13    Now I'm Here (Demo)
7.4:40    The Millionaire Waltz (Demo)
8.4:06    You Take My Breath Away (Demo)
9.3:13    Fat Bottomed Girls (Demo)
10.3:17    Under Pressure (KEWB Version)
11.3:35    Cool Cat (Demo With Bowie)
12.0:45    One Vision (Demo)
13.3:13    A KInd Of Magic (Highlander Version)
14.1:46    The Miracle (Demo)
15.1:24    The Invisible Man (Demo)
16.1:28    I Want It All (Demo)
17.1:01    The Hitman (Demo)
18.0:45    Scandal (Demo)
19.3:05    Too Much Love Will Kill You (Demo)
20.4:35    Too Much Love Will Kill You (Piano Version)
21.3:59    Stone Cold Crazy (Demo)
22.4:21    Freinds Will Friends (Rough Mix)
23.3:40    Who Wants To Live Forever (Brians Daughter Vocal)

Category: rock - Discid: 5810b317

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