The Beatles

A Hard Year (Disc 2)

Tracks: 24, total time: 69:32, year: 1968, genre: Rock

1.3:01Fluxus And Labels
2.1:04Current Projects
3.2:51Out Of The Circle
4.1:14Publicly Underground
5.1:53Film And Record Distribution
6.2:06A Love Affair
7.5:18Meeting John
9.1:25Unfinished Works
10.2:25Everyone Is An Artist
11.1:36Peaceful Revolution
12.1:09Yoko The Teacher
13.2:26Functional Art
14.2:13Purity And Nudity
15.4:37Lasting Art
16.0:49A Dialog
17.5:47The Drug Bust
18.4:52Changing The World
20.2:19Black Power
22.2:31Record Sales
23.4:06Yer Blues
24.4:39Her Blues

Discid: rock / 58104a18

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