b-sides (1992-1996)

Tracks: 24, total time: 79:13, year: 1994, genre: Rock

1.2:21Thinking About You
2.3:08Killer Cars
3.2:17Pop Is Dead
4.3:04Coke Babies
5.3:18Inside My Head
6.3:23Million Dollar Question
7.4:29Yes I am
8.4:11Faitheless the Wonder Boy
9.2:49Stuipid Car
10.4:45The Trickster
11.3:24Lewis (Mistreated)
12.4:45Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong
13.2:53Permanent Daylight
14.2:20Lozenge of Love
15.1:48You never Wash Up After Yourself
16.2:26Banana Co.
18.3:31India Rubber
19.4:27How Can you Be Sure?
20.3:29Bishop's Robes
22.4:18Talk Show Host
23.3:08Cinnamon Girl
24.3:06Nobody Does it Better

Discid: rock / 57128f18

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