Al Kooper

Easy Does It / New York City (You're A Woman) / A Possible Projection Of The Future - Childhood's End

Tracks: 36, total time: 145:17, year: 2010, genre: Rock

1.5:11    Brand New Day
2.2:04    Piano Solo Introduction
3.4:31    I Got A Woman
4.4:22    Country Road
5.1:58    I Bought You The Shoes (You're Walking Away In)
6.0:52    Introduction
7.5:27    Easy Does It
8.3:12    Buckskin Boy
9.3:13    Love Theme From "The Landlord"
10.5:03    Sad, Sad Sunshine
11.3:18    Let The Dutchess No
12.3:34    She Gets Me Where I Live
13.3:30    A Rose And A Baby Ruth
14.12:27    Baby, Please Don't Go
15.3:27    God Sheds His Grace On Thee
16.5:22    New York City (You're A Woman)
17.3:34    John The Baptist (Holy John)
18.3:27    Can You Hear It Now (500 Miles)
19.4:19    The Ballad Of The Hard Rock Kid
20.3:56    Going Quietly Mad
21.4:22    Medley: Oo Wee Baby, I Love You / Love Is A Man's Best Friend
22.3:19    Back On My Feet
23.4:41    Come Down In Time
24.3:54    Dearest Darling
25.3:02    Nightmare #5
26.3:00    The Warning (Someone's On The Cross Again)
27.6:31    A Possible Projection Of The Future
28.3:42    The Man In Me
29.3:14    Fly On
30.4:36    Please Tell Me Why
31.3:18    The Monkey Time
32.4:04    Let Your Love Shine
33.3:32    Swept For You Baby
34.3:41    Bended Knees (Please Don't Leave Me Now)
35.4:06    Love Trap
36.3:24    Childhood's End

Category: rock - Discid: 54220b24

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