Beauty In Darkness

Tracks: 20, total time: 79:02, year: 2007, genre: Alt. Rock


1.4:43    Understanding (Acoustic Version)
2.3:13    You
3.5:16    Whisper 2002
4.3:24    Anything For You
5.3:16    Imaginary (Monsters) (Alternative Version)
6.3:18    Before The Dawn
7.4:20    I Must Be Dreaming
8.3:39    Surrender
9.3:46    Call Me When Youre Sober (Acoustic Version)
10.5:57    Give Unto Me
11.3:18    Going Under (Live Acoustic Version)
12.2:59    Heart Shaped Box (Live Acoustic Version)
13.4:12    The Last Song I'm Wasting On You
14.4:40    All That I'm Living For (Live Acoustic Version)
15.4:08    Taking Over Me (Live From Cologne)
16.5:31    Whisper (Live From Cologne)
17.3:24    Everybody's Fool (Instrumental Version)
18.3:14    Haunted (Live From Cologne)
19.3:46    Weight Of The World (Live From Tokyo)
20.3:02    Sweet Sacrifice (Radio Version)

Category: rock - Discid: 50128414

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