Pink Floyd

07-06-77, Animals Tour, Montreal, CAN, d1\\2

Tracks: 6, total time: 68:06, year: 2003, genre: Psychedelic Rock

Pink Floyd: Last Performance of the Animals Tour
July 6, 1977, Olympic Stadium
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Remastered from a hand-numbered boxed set entitled
Azimuth Coodinator, part two.

Remastered by Danalog of Man of Leisure Music (MoLM),
February, 2003 from an EAC clone of the original
silver CDs. The originalrelease ran too slowly, and
Danalog corrected the speed, broughtout a bit more
bass and reduced some of the extraneous noise.

This is the show where Roger finally had enough of
the huge, wild audiences of the stadium concerts. After
ridiculing them with profanity, he later spits in the
face one of the more unrulyfans. This total estrangement
between the band and the audienceis what Roger claims
gave him the inspiration for the Wall.


set one

1.) Sheep
2.) Pigs of the Wing, part one
3.) Dogs
4.) Pigs of the Wing, part two
5.) Pigs (three different ones)

set two

6.) Shine on You Crazy Diamond (1-5)


1.) Welcome to the Machine
2.) Have a Cigar
3.) Wish You Were Here
4.) Shine on You Crazy Diamond (6-9)


5.) Money
6.) Us and Them
7.) Blues

1.11:16    Sheep
2.2:03    Pigs of the Wing, part one
3.17:57    Dogs
4.4:05    Pigs of the Wing, part two
5.19:16    Pigs (three different ones)
6.13:27    Shine on You Crazy Diamond (1-5)

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