"axes & snaxes" - a rock 'n' roll carnival

Tracks: 22, total time: 67:58, year: 2000, genre: Rock

1.2:33Johnny Magnet - Rag Dance
2.4:03Phonocaptors - I Can't Stand It
3.3:38Phonocaptors - 66 is Dead
4.5:46Highway Matrons - Milwaukee's Best
5.0:59Fran - Fran Hair
6.3:05Fran - Purple Rain
7.0:41Mr. Friction part 1
8.2:14Tic's - I Like You a Little Bit
9.5:07Tinhorn - Can't Decide
10.3:28Homewreckers - Her Disguise
11.4:11Pompous - Uptight
12.4:03Rocket Park - Sunday Driving
13.1:37Ouija - Goofy
14.2:42Tic's - Olive Pit
15.4:32Highway Matrons - I Ain't Comin' Back
16.0:24Mr. Friction part 2
17.2:00Tinhorn - Plastic Jesus
18.4:12Homewreckers - Send in the Lions
19.3:04Ouija - Fred
20.5:00Pompous - Purple World
21.2:48Johnny Magnet - Holiday in the Sun
22.2:01Johnny Magnet - Ten Years Younger

Discid: rock / 4e0fec16

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