We'll Meet Again My Friend Someday Soon... (Sylph SP-16589) May.16th. 2000 at Shibuya Kokaido. Tokyo, Japan

Tracks: 6, total time: 75:02, year: 2000, genre: Progressive Rock

1.4:21    One Last Time
2.6:50    The Spirit Carries on
3.14:48    Finally Free (Inc. Ds. Solo)
4.17:41    TheMirror~AChangeOfSeasons-Innocence~JustLetMeBreathe~AcidRain~NewMillennium~Lie~New MillenniumCaughtInAWeb~NewMillennium~Caugh
5.12:56    WelcomeHome(Sanitarium)~Peruvian Skies~AustinPowersDr.EvilTheme~Erotomania~ParadigmShift
6.18:24    PullMeUnder~UnderAGlassMoon~AFortuneInLies~OnlyAMatterOfTime~TakeTheTime

Category: rock - Discid: 4d119406

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