The Beatles

Another Tracks of Magical Mystery Tour (disc 1)

Tracks: 21, total time: 72:14, year: , genre:

1.2:48    Magical Mystery Tour (mono)
2.3:01    The Fool On The Hill (mono)
3.2:17    Flying (mono)
4.3:53    Blue Jay Way (mono)
5.2:32    Your Mother Should Know (mono)
6.4:36    I Am The Walrus (mono)
7.4:36    I Am The Walrus (US 45 mono)
8.4:38    I Am The Walrus (US stereo)
9.4:35    I Am The Walrus (German stereo)
10.4:36    I Am The Walrus (US 'Rarities' stereo)
11.2:50    Magical Mystery Tour (acetate)
12.2:49    Magical Mystery Tour (RM5)
13.2:37    Magical Mystery Tour (film stereo)
14.2:45    Magical Mystery Tour (1988 VHS stereo)
15.2:58    The Fool On The Hill (1993 promo video remix)
16.2:20    Flying (US stereo)
17.2:29    Your Mother Should Know (1988 VHS stereo)
18.4:34    I Am The Walrus (1988 VHS stereo)
19.2:42    Magical Mystery Tour (TV film mono)
20.4:01    Blue Jay Way (TV film mono)
21.4:44    I Am The Walrus (TV film mono)

Category: rock - Discid: 4c10ec15

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