Acoustic Guitar Trio (Lindley Thompson Morse)

Stuttgart, KillesbergPark, May 19, 1984 (Disc 2)

Tracks: 6, total time: 37:22, year: 1984, genre: rock

1.7:43Acoustic Guitar Trio / Talk To The Lawyer (David Lindley)
2.3:23Acoustic Guitar Trio / Instrumental (Lindley Thompson Morse)
3.4:09Acoustic Guitar Trio / Instrumental (Lindley Thompson Morse)
4.8:19Acoustic Guitar Trio / Brother John (Lindley Thompson Morse)
5.6:30Acoustic Guitar Trio / A Man Can Be A Drunk Sometimes But A DrunkCan't Be A Man (Lindley Thompson Morse)
6.7:16Acoustic Guitar Trio / Your Old Lady (Lindley Thompson Morse)

Discid: rock / 4b08c006

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