A night at the opera & The works

Tracks: 21, total time: 81:32, year: , genre: Rock

1.3:44Death on two legs
2.1:08Lazing on a sunday-Afternoon
3.3:06I' m in love with my car
4.2:53You' re my best friend
6.4:05Sweet lady
7.2:17Seaside rendezvous
8.8:22The prophet' s song
9.3:40Love of my life
10.3:24Good company
11.5:56Bohemian rhapsody
12.1:46God save of the Queen
13.5:52Radio Gaga
14.3:31Tear it up
15.4:09It's a hardlife
16.3:31Manon the prowl
17.5:13Machines { or Back to humans }
18.3:21I want to break free
19.5:23Keep passing the open windows
20.4:31Hammer to fall
21.2:14Is this theworld we created

Discid: rock / 46131a15

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