Grateful Dead

12-12-72 - Winterland Arena - San Francisco, CA- 1-2

Tracks: 7, total time: 60:31, year: , genre:

SBD portions are from S:MR>?>DAT>CD (what is also called a "rough mixdown")
AUD portions are from A:MCass>DAT>ZA2>CD

On disc 1,from Box thru Around is from the already circulating board material.
Playin' and He's Gone are from the audience version and are unmodified since
they were complete and were not crossfadedinto the previous material.

On disc 2, Truckin' thru Sing Me Back Home are from the previously circulating
board. Sugar Magnolia came from the same board source, but wasn't in the
previousversion if I recall properly. Anyway, it cuts about 15 secondsfrom
the end, and is then crossfaded into the audience versionto complete it.
The audience version cuts into the Bee Story,so I simply put the version
from the soundboard (which was alsonot previously available? I forget) into
its place by fadingout the post Sugar Mag applause and starting the Bee Story.

GDTRFB cuts just prior to the transition to Saturday night, so I then crossfaded
the audience source at that point to provide Saturday Night. The audience
sections that were crossfaded in were modified by dropping the volume by 3.5db
in order to more closelymatch the sound level of the soundboard.

I then added the encore from the board source that wasn't available before.


David Hollister

1.5:10    Box of Rain
2.3:30    Don't Ease Me In
3.5:52    Me & Bobby McGee
4.7:51    Tennessee Jed
5.5:02    Around and Around
6.18:07    2: Playing in the Band
7.14:59    He's Gone

Category: rock - Discid: 460e2d07

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