(1986) Master of Puppets [Disc 5]

Tracks: 24, total time: 78:58, year: 1986, genre: Heavy Metal

1.0:17Battery (1985, From James' Riff
2.1:08Battery (1985, From James' Riff
3.0:38Master Of Puppets (1985, From K
4.1:41Master Of Puppets (1985, From J
5.0:30Master Of Puppets (1985, From J
6.0:35The Thing That Should Not Be (1
7.2:08Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (1985
8.1:47Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (1985
9.1:28Disposable Heroes (1985, From K
10.0:33Disposable Heroes (1985, From J
11.0:54Leper Messiah (1985, From James
12.0:55Leper Messiah (1985, From James
13.1:16Orion (1985, From James' Riff T
14.1:54Damage, Inc. (1985, From James'
15.4:12Disposable Heroes (May 1985, Wr
16.6:26Battery (May 1985, Writing In P
17.6:17Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (May
18.5:41Disposable Heroes (May 1985, Wr
19.4:42Battery (Early June 1985 Demo)
20.8:37Disposable Heroes (Early June 1
21.5:05Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Earl
22.1:31Master Of Puppets (Mid-June 198
23.12:09Master Of Puppets (Mid-June 198
24.8:42Master Of Puppets (Mid-June 198

Discid: rock / 43128018

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