The Doors

Absolutely Live

Tracks: 21, total time: 77:21, year: 1970, genre: Rock

1.2:41House Announcer
2.6:03Who Do You Love
3.1:52Medley - Alabama Song
4.2:23Medley - Backdoor Man
5.1:49Medley - Love Hides
6.4:35Medley - Five To One
7.3:34Build Me A Woman
8.16:17When The Music's Over
9.4:05Close To You
10.4:55Universal Mind
11.0:53Petition The Lord With Prayer
12.1:55Medley - Dead Cats, Dead Rats
13.4:41Medley - Break On Through #2
14.1:15Celebration Of The Lizard - Lions In The Street
15.1:24Celebration Of The Lizard - Wake Up
16.1:11Celebration Of The Lizard - A Little Game
17.2:36Celebration Of The Lizard - The Hill Dwellers
18.4:20Celebration Of The Lizard - Not To Touch The Earth
19.1:25Celebration Of The Lizard - Names Of The Kingdom
20.2:25Celebration Of The Lizard - The Palace Of Exile
21.7:09Soul Kitchen

Discid: rock / 42121f15

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