Opus 10 - CD 1

Tracks: 21, total time: 67:07, year: 2002, genre: Pop

ABBA "OPUS 10" annotation for disk 1:

This is not just anotherABBA compilation album. It contains tracks unincluded in "numerical"
ABBA albums, studio variants of some well-known songs, rarities, demo-versions, unreleased
songs. The title of our albumis the working title of what would have been ABBA's tenth album,
but was never completed because of some reasons.
There was nopossibility to use original phonograms of CD quality for the tracks 1-3, 16, 19-21 (Disk 1)
and 25-27 (Disk 2) by different reasons.
Tracks 6-8 included into MEDLEY. Total time 4:24.
Tracks 19-21 are Bonus tracks.

1.3:08    Rock'n' Roll Band (1st Version)
2.2:45    Love Has It's Ways
3.2:34    Ah, Vilka Tider
4.3:21    Merry-Go-Round
5.3:03    Santa Rosa
6.1:26    Pick A Bale Of Cotton
7.1:12    On Top Of Old Smokey
8.1:50    Midnight Special
9.3:53    Crazy World
10.4:27    Happy Hawaii
11.4:17    Fernando
12.0:44    Summer Night City (1)
13.3:34    Summer Night City (2)
14.3:24    Lovelight
15.3:40    Dream World
16.6:11    Voulez-Vous (Extended Version)
17.4:52    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
18.4:12    Thank You For The Music (1st Version)
19.1:35    Under My Sun Part 1
20.3:12    Under My Sun Part 2
21.3:54    I'm Still Alive

Category: rock - Discid: 3b0fb915

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