Beatles, The

Live In Paris, 1965

Tracks: 23, total time: 63:21, year: 1988, genre: Rock

Afternoon & Evening shows from the Palais Des Sports, Paris, January 8, 1965

1.1:41    Long Tall Sally (mono)
2.2:44    She's A Woman (mono)
3.2:29    Can't Buy Me Love (mono)
4.5:51    I'm A Loser (mono)
5.2:47    I Wanna Be Your Man (mono)
6.2:40    A Hard Day's Night (mono)
7.2:15    Baby's In Black (mono)
8.2:30    Rock And Roll Music (mono)
9.2:30    Everybody's Tring To Be My Baby (mono)
10.3:56    I Feel Fine (mono)
11.2:38    Ticket To Ride (mono)
12.1:30    Long Tall Sally (mono)
13.3:03    Twist And Shout (mono)
14.3:10    She's A Woman (mono)
15.2:33    I'm A Loser (mono)
16.2:45    Can't Buy Me Love (mono)
17.2:26    Baby's In Black (mono)
18.2:53    I Wanna Be Your Man (mono)
19.2:45    A Hard Day's Night (mono)
20.2:18    Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (mono)
21.2:38    Rock And Roll Music (mono)
22.3:03    I Feel Fine (mono)
23.2:23    Ticket To Ride (mono)

Category: rock - Discid: 3b0ed717

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