Tracks: 22, total time: 72:37, year: 2010, genre: Rock

1.4:30hometown glory
2.0:06sans nom
3.3:31chassing pavements
5.0:05sans nom
6.3:33make you feel my love
7.3:29crazy for you
8.3:12could shoulder
9.4:19best for last
10.3:11first love
11.3:18right as rain
12.3:25melt my heart to stone
13.3:16my same
15.3:53classing pavement (live hotel café)
16.3:49hometown glory (live hotel café)
17.3:22melt my heart to stone (live hotel café)
18.2:09that's il, i quit, i'm movin'on (live hotel café)
19.3:43crazy for you (live hotel café)
20.4:29many shales of black (live hotel café)
21.3:32right as rain
22.3:51make you feel love

Discid: rock / 3a110316

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