Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids


Tracks: 21, total time: 77:16, year: 0, genre: Rock

1.4:36Negative 3
3.2:10Fuck You very much
4.1:38She's not my girlfriend
5.4:00Insect Pins
6.2:16White Knucles
7.3:21Fucking Bitshes
8.1:33Kill House
9.4:49Son of man
10.3:50Let your ego die
11.1:26Cat in the hat
12.4:07Scaredy cat
13.4:48Junk the magic dragon
14.3:53learn to swim
15.2:50Bone job
16.5:45Luci in the shy with demons
17.5:09Strawberry fields / My munky live
18.7:43Like a virgin
19.4:19Another brick in the wall
20.3:06Get my rocks of
21.2:01Sick city

Discid: rock / 39121a15

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