Silence is a Dangerous Sound a Tribute to Fugazi

Tracks: 21, total time: 67:45, year: 2021, genre:

1.3:22Failure / Waiting Room
2.2:52Nathan Gray / Bed for the Seraping
3.3:49GILT / No Surprise
4.4:10Swain / The Argument
5.2:11The Hostiles / Turnover
6.3:24This is Hell / Sieve-Fisted Find
7.2:40Into It. Over It. / Instrument
8.4:17LIFE / And the Same
9.4:07Big Ups / Do You Like Me
10.3:01ZAO / Guilford Fail
11.3:32Jonah Matranga / Suggestion
12.2:55Heart Attack Man / Bulldog Front
13.3:02Sounds of Swami / Merchandise
14.2:07S.T. Manville / Long Division
15.3:04BODEGA / Provisional
16.4:18Braidedveins / Oh
17.2:05STORM{O} / Break
18.3:28Wojtek / Fell, Destroyed
19.2:44West Thebarton / Margin Walker
20.3:29Snapped Ankles / Give Me the Cure
21.3:11Before Stories / Dear Justice Letter

Discid: rock / 380fdf15

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