John Mayall, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, & Jeff Beck

British Rock Legends

Tracks: 20, total time: 59:08, year: , genre:

1.2:33Snack Drive
Eric Clapton
2.2:21West Coast Idea
Eric Clapton
3.2:15I'm Your Witch Doctor
John Mayall
4.2:49On Top Of The World
John Mayall
5.2:12Tribute To Elmore
Eric Clapton
6.2:51Freight Leader
Eric Clapton/Jimmy Page
7.2:30Miles Road
Eric Clapton/Jimmy Page
8.3:59Telephone Blues
John Mayall
9.3:29Down In The Boots
Jimmy Page
Jeff Beck
11.2:08L.A. Breakdown
Jimmy Page
12.3:02Piano Shuffle
Nicky Hopkins
13.3:07Look Down At My Woman
Jeremy Spencer
14.3:52Cold Blooded Woman
Savoy Brown
15.2:10Roll 'Em Pete
Darma Blues Band
16.3:54The Next Milestone
Albet Lee
17.3:30Water On My Fire
Albert Lee
18.3:51Crosstown Link
Albert Lee
19.3:16So Much to Say, To Little Time
Rod Stewart
20.2:42Somebody Had Their Head Kicked In Tonighht
Fleetwood Mac

Discid: rock / 380dda14

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