(1987) The $9.98 CD - Garage Days Re-Revisited

Tracks: 5, total time: 24:58, year: 1987, genre: Thrash Metal

The $9.98 CD - Garage Days Re-Revisited
1987 Elektra/Asylum Records, Inc.

Originally Released 1987

AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Following Cliff Burton's death, Metallica took some time off and initiated new bassist Jason Newsted with a raw, unpolished EP of covers originally recorded by Diamond Head, Holocaust, Killing Joke, Budgie, and the Misfits. Most fit the band's style quite well; only "Last Caress" sounds out of place, as the original seemed looser and more dangerous. As a showcase for some strong metal riffs and material by mostly underground bands, the EP works quite well.-- Steve Huey

The $5.98 EP, March 12, 2007
By Jay Squier "Jay" (Florida, USA)
This is a great collection of cover tunes from the cover Kings. Metallica has aknack for picking just the right songs to cover and doing them well. This was released between the death of Cliff Burton and therecording of ...And Justice For All. I have Jason Newstead's autograph on the original cassette cover. They called it "The $5.98 EP", so stores couldn't hike the price up on the consumer. I wouldlike to say, "Get this cd!!", but the fact is, you would be better off buying "Garage Inc.", which includes all these tracks andabout 20 more on a 2 cd set.

Awesome! Add this to your record collection!, November 21, 2005
By Neburo
I got this on record a few years ago before this cameout on the Garage Inc CD with all the B Sides. Nonetheless, I love this album, the album cover -- they all look really happy and on the back you see the picture negatives of them in and out of truck with Lars's father. Hearing these songs alone is a treat on record... You really feel the energy and the good vibes the band members had back then.

All the way through, it it classic Metallica doing some great covers, which you can totally understand the similarities of the songs they copy and how they were influenced.

Often when bands take it easy, do covers and fool aroundit can sound better! Last Caress (Originally by Danig) is betterthan the one on here, but this is all done just for kicks.

Oddly enough, it's one of my favorite "albums," and too add, I think it's better than the original Garage Days, because It has moresongs. I think the songs chosen here are phenomenal and show a remarkable recovery since Cliff died the year before in a bus accident in Sweden. I

There's even a "nutty bow" to Iron Maiden's"Run to the Hills" on here as well. It is as if Iron Maiden, returned the greeting by putting on their "Be Quick or be Dead" single "...Metallica in the rear view mirror" in the song they covered"Space Station No. 5."

If you like collecting records, thisis the one to have! Metallica, the raw Metallica!

PS: I am pleased to learn that you can records of Amazon too -- Sweet! Theyshould make it more well-known!

Metallica: The $5.98 EP-Garage Days Revisited (1987), July 4, 2005
By Chad DeFeo "(ChandlerBingFan)" (Philadelphia, PA USA)
Shortly after Cliff had died, Metallica held auditions for a new bass player. This entered JASON NEWSTED. Jason became the band's new bass player. The new and improved Metallica lineup now featured:

JAMES HETFIELD (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitars)
KIRK HAMMETT (Lead Guitars)
JASON NEWSTED (Bass Guitars)

In 1987, Metallica released their fourth album entitled,THE $5.98 EP-GARAGE DAYS REVISITED. This album is a five-track EP featuring cover songs that were originally recorded by bands that were popular back in the 70s & 80s. This EP is not bad. I would have given it four stars, but I gave it three since it was cover songs.

Not bad.

I never heard the original, but they do this song great.


Not bad.

Not bad.

I do not have this album,since nobody seems to have it in stock. I'm trying to see if I can buy a used copy from I did hear this album before,since my older brother had a copy of this album on cassette whenit first came out. I'll only be buying it just to get all of Metallica's albums. I already have most of their albums and I'm onlymissing this one and SOME KIND OF MONSTER. So, if you would liketo buy all of Metallica's albums, then buy this one to help complete your Metallica catalog.

Garage Days Re-revisited EP, April 14, 2005
By cdwillis (Washington, Indiana USA)
This EP is killer. This is better than Garage Inc. even if these songs are on it. Metallica really makes these covers their own. Much better than the sad covers of Garage Inc. Details
Producer: Metallica

Album Notes
Metallica: James Hetfield (vocals, guitar); Kirk Hammett (guitar); Jason Newsted (bass); Lars Ulrich (drums, percussion).
Recorded atA & M and Conway Studios, Los Angeles, California. Includes linernotes by James Hetfield.

1.6:40    Helpless
2.6:43    The Small Hours
3.4:56    The Wait
4.3:11    Crash Course In Brain Surgery
5.3:28    Last Caress/Green Hell

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