The Beatles

"Yesterday"...And Today (Mono/Stereo)

Tracks: 22, total time: 56:26, year: , genre:

1.2:36Drive My Car
2.3:08I'm Only Sleeping
3.2:50Nowhere Man
4.2:22Dr. Robert
6.2:38Act Naturally
7.2:08And Your Bird Can Sing
8.2:30If I Needed Someone
9.2:21We Can Work It Out
10.2:54What Goes On?
11.2:57Day Tripper
12.2:32Drive My Car
13.3:03I'm Only Sleeping
14.2:43Nowhere Man
15.2:19Dr. Robert
17.2:34Act Naturally
18.2:05And Your Bird Can Sing
19.2:26If I Needed Someone
20.2:18We Can Work It Out
21.2:53What Goes On?
22.2:47Day Tripper

Discid: rock / 330d3816

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