as 20 mais de Eminem

Tracks: 20, total time: 77:58, year: 2003, genre: Rap

YEAR: 2003 ID3G: 15

1.4:51the reat stan stiad
3.4:31kill you
4.5:29under the influence
5.0:36curtains up
6.5:04elanin out my closet
7.5:30cleaning out closet
8.1:22the kiss
10.0:29paul rosemberg
11.5:27sing for the moment
12.0:40hatles songs
13.4:36steve berman
14.5:16when the music stop
15.5:04say what you say
16.5:46till i collapse
18.5:25bole modal
19.4:12roex botton
20.4:46bad weets evil

Discid: rock / 30124414

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