Marilyn Manson

Antichrist Superstar

Tracks: 99, total time: 77:26, year: 1996, genre: Industrial Metal

YEAR: 1996

1.4:18Irresponsible Hate Anthem
2.3:39The Beautiful People
3.4:16Dried Up, Tied And Dead To The World
5.2:44Little Horn
9.5:05Mister Superstar
10.3:53Angel With The Scabbed Wings
12.5:15Antichrist Superstar
14.4:45Minute Of Decay
15.5:37The Reflecting God
16.6:11Man That You Fear
17.0:10Unknown Title
18.0:04Unknown Title
19.0:04Unknown Title
20.0:04Unknown Title
21.0:04Unknown Title
22.0:04Unknown Title
23.0:04Unknown Title
24.0:04Unknown Title
25.0:04Unknown Title
26.0:04Unknown Title
27.0:04Unknown Title
28.0:04Unknown Title
29.0:04Unknown Title
30.0:04Unknown Title
31.0:04Unknown Title
32.0:04Unknown Title
33.0:04Unknown Title
34.0:04Unknown Title
35.0:04Unknown Title
36.0:04Unknown Title
37.0:04Unknown Title
38.0:04Unknown Title
39.0:04Unknown Title
40.0:04Unknown Title
41.0:04Unknown Title
42.0:04Unknown Title
43.0:04Unknown Title
44.0:04Unknown Title
45.0:04Unknown Title
46.0:04Unknown Title
47.0:04Unknown Title
48.0:04Unknown Title
49.0:04Unknown Title
50.0:04Unknown Title
51.0:04Unknown Title
52.0:04Unknown Title
53.0:04Unknown Title
54.0:04Unknown Title
55.0:04Unknown Title
56.0:04Unknown Title
57.0:04Unknown Title
58.0:04Unknown Title
59.0:04Unknown Title
60.0:04Unknown Title
61.0:04Unknown Title
62.0:04Unknown Title
63.0:04Unknown Title
64.0:04Unknown Title
65.0:04Unknown Title
66.0:04Unknown Title
67.0:04Unknown Title
68.0:04Unknown Title
69.0:04Unknown Title
70.0:04Unknown Title
71.0:04Unknown Title
72.0:04Unknown Title
73.0:04Unknown Title
74.0:04Unknown Title
75.0:04Unknown Title
76.0:04Unknown Title
77.0:04Unknown Title
78.0:04Unknown Title
79.0:04Unknown Title
80.0:04Unknown Title
81.0:04Unknown Title
82.0:04Unknown Title
83.0:04Unknown Title
84.0:04Unknown Title
85.0:04Unknown Title
86.0:04Unknown Title
87.0:04Unknown Title
88.0:04Unknown Title
89.0:04Unknown Title
90.0:04Unknown Title
91.0:04Unknown Title
92.0:04Unknown Title
93.0:04Unknown Title
94.0:04Unknown Title
95.0:04Unknown Title
96.0:04Unknown Title
97.0:04Unknown Title
98.0:06Unknown Title
99.1:37Empty Sounds Of Hate

Discid: rock / 2c122463

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