13th Floor Elevators

Live In Texas

Tracks: 20, total time: 77:40, year: 2009, genre: Psychedelic Rock

1.2:54    Monkey Island (Live KAZZ FM Broadcast)
2.4:52    Roller Coaster (Live KAZZ FM Broadcast)
3.8:27    Gloria (Live KAZZ FM Broadcast)
4.3:17    You're Gonna Miss Me (Sumpin' Else TV #1 Broadcast)
5.0:58    Interview (Sumpin' Else TV #1 Broadcast)
6.2:45    Fire Engine (Sumpin' Else TV #1 Broadcast)
7.4:37    You Really Got Me (Sumpin' Else TV #1 Aftershow)
8.3:19    Roll Over Beethoven (Sumpin' Else TV #1 Aftershow)
9.4:01    Gloria (Sumpin' Else TV #2 Warm Up)
10.2:33    Fire Engine (Sumpin' Else TV #2 Broadcast)
11.3:01    You're Gonna Miss Me (Sumpin' Else TV #2 Broadcast)
12.4:20    Roller Coaster (Sumpin' Else TV #2 Broadcast)
13.3:34    Mercy, Mercy (Sumpin' Else TV #2 Aftershow)
14.2:49    Tried To Hide (Sumpin' Else TV #2 Aftershow)
15.4:41    I'm Down (Live La Maison)
16.5:01    (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Live La Maison)
17.1:44    I'm Gonna Love You Too (Live La Maison)
18.2:09    I Feel Good (Live La Maison)
19.6:45    Gloria (Live La Maison)
20.5:57    Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (Live La Maison)

Category: rock - Discid: 2a123214

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