Fleetwood Mac

"Bare Trees" & "Kiln House"

Tracks: 20, total time: 71:52, year: , genre:

1.5:28Child Of Mine
2.4:02The Ghost
3.3:24Homeward Bound
4.3:11Sunny Side Of Heaven
5.5:05Bare Trees
6.4:36Sentimental Lady
7.3:19Danny's Chant
8.3:48Spare Me A Little Of Your Love
10.1:45Thoughts On A Grey Day
11.2:51This Is The Rock
12.5:52Station Man
13.2:48Blood On The Floor
14.3:09Hi Ho Silver
15.3:20Jewel Eyed Judy
16.2:13Buddy's Song
17.4:05Earl Grey
18.3:28One Together
19.4:15Tell Me All The Things You Do
20.2:33Mission Bell

Discid: rock / 2610d614

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