guns n' roses

As 20 mais de Guns N' Roses

Tracks: 20, total time: 79:57, year: , genre:

1.6:03sweet child o'mine
2.3:12it's alright
3.4:06November Rain
4.2:43Double talkin' jive
6.4:36Move to the city
7.3:20Used to love her
8.4:51Don't cry
9.4:12So fine
10.3:58My Michelle
11.6:53Perfect crime
12.4:17you're crazy
13.3:00You ain't the fist
14.2:54Nice boys
15.3:48Since i don't have you
16.3:07Live and let die
17.3:33It's so easy
18.2:36Shotgun Blues
19.3:20Reckless life
20.5:37Knock'on heaven's door

Discid: rock / 2512bb14

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