Red Hot Chili Peppers

Golden Collection 2000

Tracks: 20, total time: 79:34, year: 2000, genre: Rock

1.3:19Get On Top
2.3:41Knock Me Down
3.4:45Give It Away
4.3:38Scar Tissue
5.4:44Apache Rose Peacock
6.4:00Around The World
8.5:25Funky Monks
9.3:16Special Secret Song Inside
11.4:26Under The Bridge
13.3:46American Ghost Dance
14.3:05Stone Cold Bush
15.4:05My Friends
16.4:10If You Want Me To Stay
17.4:27Subway To Venus
18.3:10Cofee Shop
19.5:19Higher Ground (Daddy-O Mix)
20.1:04They're Red Hot

Discid: rock / 2512a414

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