The Making of Anoraknophobia (Disc 2)

Tracks: 36, total time: 60:00, year: 2006, genre: Rock

1.1:08Music in the Sky
2.0:57Who Can Say What it Means
3.0:56What Goes on in Between
4.3:48I Sang That Pretty Tune
5.1:50Blow a Fuse Day
6.0:46Fix it in the Usual Way
7.0:47You're Just Gonna Stop
8.4:17Trying to Have Fun
9.1:44It's So Hard
10.0:23Lights of the City
11.2:03Watching the People
12.0:39Pinned Up on the Wall
13.1:02Gonna See it All
14.1:42Sit Back and Watch
15.2:11Feels So Warm
16.2:06Don't Do That
17.1:44No Solution
18.0:45Perfect Mirror
19.1:28Such Waves
20.0:48I'm so Alone
21.0:28Voluptuous Crimson
22.1:36They Come to Play
23.1:02In Your Mind
24.1:31We Wouldn't Lie to You, Folks!
25.1:08Straight in the Machine
26.1:25Come to Bed
27.2:15Flash to Crash and Burn
28.2:32I Heard Everything You Said
29.1:14Rest Your Heavy Head
30.1:08They're Not at All the Same
31.1:24Running Scared
32.1:15We Can See Sense
33.0:39Ankle Deep in Glue
34.1:15Can You Play Me a Song
35.2:43Don't You Ever Wonder
36.7:35Number Two

Discid: rock / 220e0e24

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