Definitive INXS

Tracks: 21, total time: 80:22, year: 2006, genre: Pop

1.3:04Need You Tonight
2.3:37What You Need
4.4:46Baby Don't Cry
5.4:34Elegantly Wasted
7.2:52Just Keep Walking
8.3:51Suicide Blond
9.3:06Never Tear Us Apart
10.3:43Shining Star
11.3:28Beatiful Girl
12.3:46Listen Like Thieves
13.3:41New Sensation
14.3:53Bitter Tears
15.4:02Orginal Sin
16.5:14Devil Inside
17.4:04The Gift
18.3:07By My Side
19.3:51Born To Be Wild
20.4:41Salvation Jane

Discid: rock / 2012d415

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