Pearl Jam

Anthology Of Rarities {disc two}

Tracks: 20, total time: 79:32, year: 2003, genre: Alternative

1.3:54    Footsteps (remix)
2.4:35    Hard To Imagine (oirginal)
3.3:20    Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town (acoustic)
4.3:36    Alone (alternate)
5.5:39    Crazy Mary
6.1:45    Bee Girl
7.3:31    The Real Thing - with Cypress Hill
8.4:34    Hard To Imagine (alternate)
9.3:05    Catholic Boy - with Jim Carroll
10.3:28    Against The 70's - Eddie Vedder & Mike Watt with Dave Grohl
11.3:14    Spin The Black Circle (self pollution radio)
12.3:25    Satan's Bed (self pollution radio)
13.4:47    Corduroy (self pollution radio)
14.5:34    Not For You (self pollution radio)
15.6:09    Immortality (self pollution radio)
16.3:01    Last Exit (self pollution radio)
17.2:53    Blood (self pollution radio)
18.4:35    Tremor Christ (self pollution radio)
19.3:32    Porch (self pollution radio)
20.5:00    Indifference (self pollution radio)

Category: rock - Discid: 1c12a214

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