A Vulgar Display of Ultra Rare

Tracks: 19, total time: 77:59, year: 2007, genre: Rock

YEAR: 2007

1.3:00AC DC / cyberspace
2.3:46AC DC / borrowed time
3.4:16AC DC / down on the borderline
4.3:17AC DC / snake eye
5.4:52AC DC / who made who (diffrent mix)
6.4:24AC DC / big gun
7.3:21AC DC / dirty eyes (outtake 1977)
8.3:41AC DC / cold hearted man (outtake 1978
9.4:16AC DC / you shook me all night long (e
10.3:40AC DC / boom boom (live)
11.4:06AC DC / let it loose (demo)
12.3:56AC DC / alright tonight (demo)
13.3:27AC DC / this house is on fire (live)
14.4:33AC DC / nick of time (live)
15.5:28AC DC / sin city (live)
16.5:21AC DC / guns for hire (live)
17.4:34AC DC / johnny b goode (bon with cheap
18.4:17AC DC / ride on (bon with trust)
19.3:50AC DC / you shook me all night long (a

Discid: rock / 1c124513

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