Alanis Morissette

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Tracks: 21, total time: 54:48, year: 2004, genre: Rock

2.0:55Thougts About "You Oughta Know"
3.4:12You Oughta Knw
4.2:40The Motivation Behind Writing "Everything"
5.4:37Everything (iTunes Original Version)
6.0:49How The Inspiration Behind ...
7.4:23Head Over Feet (iTunes Original Version)
8.0:54The Most Ironic Thing About "Ironic"
9.3:58Ironic (iTunes Original Version)
10.0:40How To Ruin Your Life In "Eight Easy Steps"
11.2:53Eight Easy Steps
13.0:51The Most Gratifying Moments For Me
14.1:18Why The Album Is Called "So-Called Chaos"
15.4:47Hands Clean (iTunes Original Version)
16.0:58The Therapy Behind "Hands Clean"
17.0:57"Thank U" Is A Prayer
18.3:59Excuses (iTunes Original Version)
19.0:48Finding "Excuses"
20.4:39Thank U (iTunes Original Version"
21.3:50Out Is Through

Discid: rock / 1a0cd615

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