Buddy Holly

What You Been A-Missin' Disc 1 - Lost And Found

Tracks: 35, total time: 71:46, year: , genre: Rock & Roll

1.1:32My Two Timin' Woman
2.2:22I'll Just Pretend
3.1:51Take These Shackles From My Heart
4.1:24Footprints In The Snow
5.1:57Gotta Get You Near Me Blues
6.2:10You And I Are Through
8.2:32Baby Let's play House
9.2:30Down The Line
10.1:59Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight
11.2:20I Guess I Was Just A Fool
12.2:04Don't Come Back Knockin'
13.1:53Love Me
14.2:24Love Me (take 10)
15.2:16Don't Come Back Knockin'
16.2:42Because I Love You
17.1:23It's Not My Fault
18.2:25Rock-A-Bye Rock
19.2:25Rock Around With Ollie Vee (false start & take 8)
20.2:20I'm Changin' All Those Changes (take 4)
21.2:34That'll Be The Day (take 19)
22.2:25Girl On My Mind (take 3)
23.2:44Ting-A-Ling (take 7)
24.2:24Rock Around With Ollie Vee (take 12)
25.2:34You Are My One Desire (false start and take 3)
26.1:06Gone (take 1)
27.1:17Gone (take 2)
28.1:27Have You Ever Been Lonely (take 1)
29.0:33Have You Ever Been Lonely (take 2)
30.0:55Have You Ever Been Lonely (take 3)
31.2:11Brown Eyed Handsome Man
32.1:56Good Rockin' Tonight
33.1:32Rip It Up
34.2:03Blue Monday
35.3:27Honky Tonk

Discid: rock / 1710d023

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