18 Original Hits For Love

Tracks: 18, total time: 71:44, year: 1997, genre: Rock

YEAR: 1997

1.3:09Never Tear Us Appart
2.4:35Baby Don't Cry
3.3:13Be My Side
4.3:37Full Moon, Dirty Hearts(With Chrissie Hynde)
6.4:18Not Enough Time
7.3:35Beautiful Girl
8.3:09Need You Tonight
9.5:22Devil Inside
10.4:07Freedom Deep
11.3:07Kill The Pain
12.5:04The Stairs
13.3:56Bitter Tears
14.3:49Love Is (What I Say)
15.3:58The Strangest Party(These Are The Times)
17.3:57Suicide Blond
18.5:16Original Sin

Discid: rock / 1310ce12

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