The French Collection CD1

Tracks: 18, total time: 56:24, year: 2001, genre: Oldies

YEAR: 2001 ID3G: 11

1.2:58    Elle Etait Si Jolie
Allain Barriere
2.2:52    Coupable
Jean-Francoius Michael
3.2:34    Pitie
4.2:53    Aline
5.3:24    Laisse-Moi T'aimer
Mike Brant
6.3:27    Fanny Fanny
Frederic Frabcois
7.2:56    Tombe la Neige
8.3:17    Kilimandjaro
Pascal Danel
9.4:20    Love me Please Love Me
Michel Polnareff
10.2:54    Adieu Jolie Candy
Jean-Francoius Michael
11.4:19    Ma Vie
Allain Barriere
12.2:19    Une Maman
13.3:29    lL Maladie D'amour
Michel Sardou
14.2:20    Maman
15.3:29    Tous les Bateaux, Tous Les Oiseaux
Michel Polnareff
16.3:15    C'est ma Chanson
Petula Clark
17.2:50    Istanbul
Marc Aryan
18.2:53    Demain Tu Te Maries
Patricia Carli

Category: rock - Discid: 130d3612

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