Rolling Stones

"Sympathy for the Devil" - Beggars Banquet Outtakes

Tracks: 20, total time: 74:13, year: , genre:

1.0:33Into- Fallen Angels
2.1:40Sympathy For The Devil 1
3.4:21No Expectalions
4.3:31Dear Doctor 1
5.3:25Dear Doctor 2
6.2:16Parachute Woman
7.5:10Sympathy For The Devil 2
9.6:07Jig Saw Puzzle
10.3:09Pay Your Dues
11.3:20Street Fighting Man
12.2:56Prodigal Son
13.6:44Still A Fool
14.4:18Stray Cat Blues
15.3:47Sweet Lucy
16.2:11Factory Girl
17.4:49Salt Of The Earth
18.1:42Sympathy For The Devil 3
19.6:23Sympathy For The Devil 4
20.3:53Jumping Jack Flash

Discid: rock / 12116314

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