1993-11-18: Unplugged and More: MTV Unplugged, Sony Studios, New York City, NY, USA

Tracks: 18, total time: 67:32, year: 1990, genre: acoustic rock

1.3:08    About a Girl
2.3:50    Come as You Are
3.4:20    Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam
4.3:01    Dumb
5.3:54    The Man Who Sold the World
6.3:59    Pennyroyal Tea
7.3:02    Polly
8.3:59    On a Plain
9.3:27    Plateau
10.2:46    Lake of Fire
11.3:51    All Apologies
12.4:50    Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
13.2:56    School
14.2:37    Sliver
15.4:34    In Bloom
16.3:39    Come as You Are
17.4:24    Lithium
18.5:21    Smells Like Teen Spirit

Category: rock - Discid: 120fd212

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