Tracks: 18, total time: 71:14, year: 2002, genre: Electronic

YEAR: 2002

1.4:35Moby-18 we are all made of stars
2.3:19Moby-18 in this world
3.4:39Moby-18 in my heart
4.2:12Moby-18 great escape
5.4:28Moby-18 signs of love
6.3:16Moby-18 one of these mornings
7.3:59Moby-18 another woman
8.2:16Moby-18 fireworks
9.4:00Moby-18 extreme ways
10.3:25Moby-18 jam for the ladies
11.5:12Moby-18 sunday (the day before my birthday)
12.4:31Moby-18 18
13.4:48Moby-18 sleep alone
14.4:11Moby-18 at least we tried
15.6:30Moby-18 harbour
16.2:23Moby-18 look back jim
17.3:25Moby-18 the rafters
18.4:10Moby-18 i'm not wondered at all

Discid: rock / 1110b012

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