George Michael

BBC Radio-One Interview 1996

Tracks: 19, total time: 55:43, year: 1997, genre: Pop

1.1:16    Tell us about the wine.
2.0:12    What can't I ask you?
3.0:54    When was the last time anybody slapped you?
4.5:47    Are you worried about this interview?
5.5:03    Do you think I like you?
6.0:50    Do you still wake up with Richard and Judy?
7.0:53    Who would tell you to stop?
8.6:49    Would you ever write a Disney soundtrack?
9.2:27    What about Faith?
10.3:02    When you wrote Careless Whisper ...
11.1:04    Do you think you're facing two deaths?
12.7:26    The Sony debacle ...
13.3:57    Why do you smoke?
14.7:28    Have you thought about this interview?
15.1:40    Which day would have been the worst day to sleep in?
16.1:45    Do you feel a bit empty sometimes?
17.0:33    Where are you going?
18.1:11    Do you write to commission?
19.3:32    Do you think we should cut this interview down?

Category: rock - Discid: 100d0d13

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