The Beatles

Anotherside Yellow Submarine Songtrack Disc 2

Tracks: 19, total time: 59:40, year: 1969, genre: Rock

1.2:27    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Original Stereo Soundtrack)
2.2:46    All You Need Is Love (Original Stereo Soundtrack)
3.2:19    Baby You're A Rich Man (Original Stereo Soundtrack)
4.2:37    It's All Too Much (Original Stereo Soundtrack)
5.1:52    All Together Now (Original Stereo Soundtrack)
6.1:18    Interview (Heinz Eddman)
7.2:32    Yellow Submarine (Original Overdubs)
8.3:01    Nowhere Man (Rough Mix Of Take 4
9.3:43    All You Need Is Love (Different Mix)
10.6:19    Hey Bulldog (Home Rehearsal)
11.1:47    Hey Bulldog (Mono Remix 1)
12.3:10    Hey Bulldog (Stereo Remix 1)
13.6:19    The Pepperland Suite
14.2:30    The Inner Light (Take 5)
15.2:35    The Inner Light (RM1)
16.3:28    Across The Universe (Take 2)
17.3:54    Across The Universe (Mono Remix 2)
18.3:49    Across The Universe (Stereo Remix 2)
19.3:19    Hey Bulldog (Alternate Version)

Category: rock - Discid: 040dfa13

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