Alanis Morissette

Feast on scraps

Tracks: 17, total time: 78:19, year: 2003, genre: Rock

1.4:17That Particular Time
2.4:38Fear on Blis
3.4:41Bent For You
4.5:44Sorry to Myself
5.4:13Sister Blister
7.4:13Unprodigal Daughter
8.4:49Simple Together
10.4:09Hand Cleans (Acoustic)
11.4:40Hand in My Pocket (Live 2002)
12.4:20Precious Illusions (Live 2002)
13.5:18You Oughta Know (Live 2002)
14.4:11Hand Clean (Live 2002)
15.3:52Ironic (Live 2002)
16.5:35You Learn (Live 2002)
17.5:09Thank You (Live 2002)

Discid: rock / 01125911

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