Greatest Hits - Special Edition

Tracks: 20, total time: 74:13, year: 2009, genre:

1.3:48Back To The 80's
2.3:38My Mamma Said
3.3:04Live Fast Die Young
4.3:35Happy Boys And Girls
5.3:17Barbie Girl
6.3:30Around The World
7.3:23Doctor Jones
9.3:37Cuba Libre
11.3:40Cartoon Heroes
12.4:03Good Morning Sunshine
13.3:25My Oh My
14.3:47Freaky Friday
15.4:19Belong To The Sea
16.3:45Roses Are Red
18.4:07Turn Back Time
19.4:01Goodbye To The Circus
20.3:31Spin Me A Christmas

Discid: rock / 01116314

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