Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5

18 Greatest Hits

Tracks: 18, total time: 60:05, year: 1982, genre: Pop

Northern Soul

1.4:18One Day in your Life (Michael Jackson)
2.3:41Lookin' through the Windows (The Jackson 5)
3.3:27Got to be there (The Jackson 5)
4.3:17Doctor my Eyes (The Jackson 5)
5.2:50Ben (Michael Jackson)
6.3:03ABC (The Jackson 5)
7.3:47We're almost there (Michael Jackson)
8.3:14Skywriter (The Jackson 5)
9.2:36Rockin' Robin (The Jackson 5)
10.3:30Happy (Michael Jackson)
Love Theme from "Lady sings the Blues"
11.3:59Ain't no Sunshine (Michael Jackson)
12.4:03I'll be there (The Jackson 5)
13.3:05I want you back (The Jackson 5)
14.3:08The love you save (The Jackson 5)
15.3:07We've got a good thing going (Michael Jackson)
16.3:19Mama's Pearl (The Jackson 5)
17.3:02Never can say goodbye (The Jackson 5)
18.2:44Hallelujah day (The Jackson 5)

Discid: rock / 010e1312

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