Damnation (of Adam Blessing)+Glory (Damnation of Adam Blessing)

WhichIs The Justice, Which Is The Thief (1971)+Glory [Akarma] (1973)

Tracks: 18, total time: 69:21, year: 197, genre: Rock

1.3:21    Fingers On A Windmill
2.3:02    We Don't Need It
3.3:50    Easy Come, Easy Go
4.4:47    Running Away
5.3:05    Turned To Stone
6.2:47    Please Stay Mine
7.4:06    Sometimes I Feel Like I Just Can't Go On
8.3:51    Leaving It Up To You
9.5:47    Sweet Dream Lady
10.3:11    Sunny Days
11.3:10    Find Out Lover
12.3:08    I Got A Feeling
13.3:04    Mrs. Walker
14.6:02    You Can Belive
15.3:27    Hot Momma
16.3:36    Get Up
17.4:28    Nightmare
18.4:42    Dawn

Category: rock - Discid: 00103f12

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