Brent Dowe and the Melodians

Greatest hits

Tracks: 14, total time: 46:16, year: 1998, genre: Reggae

1.3:02    Great skies
2.3:30    Swing and dine
3.3:36    The last train to reggae city
4.2:35    Come on little girl
5.4:36    Rivers of Babylon
6.3:30    No nola
7.3:29    You don't need me
8.3:04    Passion love
9.3:02    Everybody bawling
10.3:06    It comes and goes
11.4:06    Sweet sensation
12.3:03    It's only a matter of time
13.2:25    Little nut tree
14.3:16    You've caught me

Category: reggae - Discid: b20ad60e

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