Crystal Viper

The Last Axeman

Tracks: 13, total time: 64:01, year: 2008, genre: Metal

1.3:50    The Last Axeman (album version)
2.5:01    Blood And Gasoline (Virgin Steele cover)
3.3:52    The Anvil Of Hate
4.4:41    The Banshee
5.3:50    The Last Axeman (polish version)
6.5:57    Flaming Metal Systems (Manilla Road cover)
7.5:02    Wild Child (W.A.S.P. cover)
8.6:14    The Island Of The Silver Skull (Live In Andernach 2007)
9.4:43    I Am Leather Witch (Live In Andernach 2007)
10.5:57    Shadows On The Horizon (Live In Andernach 2007)
11.4:05    The Last Axeman (Live In Andernach 2007)
12.6:36    Sleeping Swords (Live In Andernach 2007)
13.4:15    Flaming Metal Systems (Live In Andernach 2007) (Manilla Road cover)

Category: reggae - Discid: ac0eff0d

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